“Customers want and expect
value from your website. Offering
them online shopping with coupons
builds customer loyalty...

...and generates revenue through
your website”

Michael Lerner, Learn the Net

Interested in turning you website traffic into profits? With our Affinity Partner Program you can build your current traffic into revenue. Let us help you take your website to the next level with our online coupon shopping portal.

It is great to have a website that provides value to its visitors. Without value, visitors would not come back. Once value is established, traffic is increased, along with the expenses of maintaining a large site.

Most sites sell banner or link advertising to help subsidies those costs, but does that type of advertising bring value to the visitor?

That's were the Affinity Partner Program (APP) comes into play. We create the value of having an online shopping portal. From the visitors perspective they can find products from hundreds of retail merchants. We also focus on coupons, discounts, free shipping and other special offers to motivate the visitors use the site and come back when they are ready to purchase a product online. For our program partners, they receive a commission on each sale ordered through their shopping portal. Those individual commissions add up to large revenue dollars. This is the core of our program.

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