We are just starting out and already we have already established some great Affinity Partners. Let's take a look at a few of them:

Donation Street Case Study
  • Donation Street is a rebate site offering the ability for consumers to receive cash back or the ability to donate their monies to the charity of their choice.
  • A second site was also created allowing non-profit organization to fundraise money for their organizations through online shopping
  • Site incorporates member purchase tracking.
  • Donation Street is advertising through similar sites gearing towards organizations that are a match to convert more visitors into subscribers.
  • Related parent site of Donation Street.








Learn the Net Case Study
  • Established Coupon and Discount site offering retails stores discounts / promotions and regularly distributed email newsletters.
  • To increase awareness of their shopping portal, Learn the Net uses iFrames on their current site to dynamically push the most current coupons and promotions.
  • Learn the Net has a committed email subscriber base. To keep their shopping portal in front of the customer they display new and expiring coupons within their newsletter.
  • Site management and search engine marketing.
  • Related parent site of Learn the Net.

Dummies Case Study

  • Site created to compliment the publishing of the '2005 Online Shopping Directory'.
  • Not only does the site list coupons and special offers but also incorporates information about all the websites listed in the book.
  • The new book, with over 600 pages of sites reviewed, is easily categorized on their online guide.
  • Each book category lists affiliate merchants related to that category to encourage visits to those merchants.
  • Related parent site of Dummies. ('2005 Online Shopping Directory' - Paperback Publication)




Stars and Stripes Case Study
  • Military site catering to military personal offering online shopping and savings.
  • Features stores that match the demographics of military personnel.
  • Special promotions and products are displayed on the homepage that cater to the sites demographics which keep the visitors interested in coming back.
  • To increase awareness of their shopping portal, Stars and Stripes use iFrames on their current site to dynamically push the most current coupons and promotions.
  • To jump start the program Stripes distributed 30 thousand postcard mailings to their subscribers informing them of the ability to save on the site.
  • Related parent site of Stripes and StripesClub.

FindSavings Case Study
  • Established coupon and discount site offering reviews on retails stores, articles and regularly distributed newsletters.
  • Email newsletters are scheduled bi-monthly that include new and expiring sales. The newsletter also pushes specific high producing retail merchants that cater to the sites demographics.
  • FindSavings offers a holiday coupon shopping guide that updates to match the current holiday. Customers come back often to find the last holiday specials.
  • Site management and search engine marketing.
  • Independent parent site - stand alone coupon site.



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